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Government of India

MSME- Development Institute, Dimapur

Government of Nagaland

Department of Agriculture

A one-stop Digital Window to provide a platform for uplifting agriculture and to benefit the main stakeholders of farming community- the farmers, in the state of Nagaland.

  • To serve as an information gateway about agriculture, agro-met advisories, weather advisories and farming tips.
  • To boost farming activities by providing a platform to advertise local indigenous farm products- Farmers’ market.
  • To provide information about various activities of Agriculture Department and other units such as IETC, SARS, KVK, Agri Expo, ATMA, etc.

Department of Information And Public Relations

DIPR Nagaland Mobile App:

A one-stop information platform for Official news in Nagaland. The app contains all types of News like:
  • Photo News
  • Naga News
  • Video News
  • Covid-19 related News
  • Publications
  • Advertisement.
Nagaland Police

Call Your Cop:

A simple and robust mobile app which contains features such as:
  • Provide a single repository for storing contact information of all Nagaland Police human resources.

  • Search and find a Police Officer/ Police Station details such as landline number,mobile number and email.

  • Search for the nearest police station with an interactive map.

  • Receive notifications like news,

    updates, advisory, notifications,

  • Allow public to dial numbers

    of Police listed in the app.

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